Want your BUSINESS to be in front of more locals?

If so then perhaps we can help.

You see here at Shire Talk, we understand how hard it can be to stay front of mind in this busy world. A Social Media post you make this morning may not be seen in the evening and Websites are only viewed when people know your name.
  • If your not front of mind, and not getting new customers/clients then how long will your business last? These big corporations are taking over everything.
  • What if I told you there was a quick, easy and affordable way to stay front of mind to those who live in The Region?
  • That's why today, we're thrilled to reveal our brand new Whats on Gympie Business Directory.
  • Here at Whats on Gympie, we have supported local businesses like yours for the past 6 years, and now have a presence of over 30,000 Locals.

And our new Business Directory means that our followers and other locals have one central platform to find restaurants, services, tradies, fun activities.

Locals of the Gympie Region will be able to find the location of YOUR business on our map, See what you have to offer based on the information you wish to share, what your products or results look like in photos and videos and Most importantly reach out to you on social media, email or phone so you can make more sales.

So CLICK on one of the plans to get your page set up in less than 5min. and start getting new sales today!

You can also try our FREE package which only includes:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • 1 Image
  • 1 Category
  • 1 Tag

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